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Quit monitoring your fuel tank gauge and only watch your speedometer! Contact us today, and our auto-towing professionals will deliver several gallons of gas so you can be back on your way! 

Running out of fuel is one of the most common reasons one needs emergency roadside assistance. Some common reasons why your vehicle may run out of fuel quicker than usual are: 

  • Incorrect Fuel Level Indicator: If the fuel level indicator is not calibrated or functioning correctly, it may give inaccurate readings. This could lead to incorrect fuel reading and cause your vehicle to run out of gas unexpectedly. 
  • Leaks in Fuel System: A leak in the fuel system could cause the fuel to escape from your vehicle without you realizing it.
  • Poor Fuel Mileage: If your truck or car has poor fuel efficiency, it may need more fuel than expected. While you can counter this by refueling regularly, there are some times when there are no gas stations nearby, and your vehicle might run out of gas.
  • Faulty Gas Cap: This is quite common in larger freight vehicles. If the gas cap is loose or worn, it could cause your vehicle to lose fuel faster than usual. Alternatively, a dirty fuel filter can also act as a blockage and restrict fuel flow to the engine. 


In certain cases, it might be possible that your fuel gauge is at fault and shows incorrect readings. This could be due to malfunctioning wiring, faulty connectors, or a short circuit in the system. 

What Can You Do If Your Vehicle Runs Out of Gas?

Here are the steps you can take if your vehicle runs out of gas:

  1. First and foremost, you must ensure the safety of both fellow passengers and other cars on the road. Move the vehicle to a safe location away from traffic, such as an empty parking lot or side street. If you lose power suddenly while driving and notice that your vehicle is out of gas, try to steer slowly toward the side of the road. 
  2. Next up, you will need to call a tow truck or roadside assistance to bring gas if there are no stations nearby. When doing this, make sure to get the correct type of fuel for your vehicle.
  3. If you do not have access to an emergency car towing service, your only resort would be to walk to the closest station nearby and get some fuel. 

Even after you take all the precautions to ensure that your vehicle does not run out of gas, certain situations are inevitable. They say it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it, and we couldn’t agree more! 

Whether you are stuck on a stranded highway at midnight or need a tow back to your address, we can get you all the help in a flash. Our emergency services are designed to quickly help drivers stranded in dangerous situations quickly and at a minimal cost. 

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